Battery Acid

by Andrew Danso

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'Two proggy ideas. At odds with each other. Try fit them together.'

This, the initial thinking as I was working on Battery Acid. It was finished up a few months after Fly. The idea I'd been toying with was to somehow merge Fly and Battery Acid together as one working piece - but I couldn't find an angle that could tie them up. I wanted to bridge two radically different ideas into one.

As you'll no doubt figure, listening to Battery Acid straightaway after Fly is a jarring experience, (and vice versa) which was the main problem when it came to producing both side by side. The only way to make this cohesive was to produce them separately.

Battery Acid is very much reactionary to Fly. It's the faster, zanier and heavier side of work that I've been itching to do for a long time. It's a heavily edited piece, originally 20 minutes cut down to near 8 minutes. I focused on creating a sense of power - something that might overwhelm.

This is also a project moving back into my roots. My way into making music was work I did for Ohio based label ShredGuy Records, who hired budding shredders inspired by the likes of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Shawn Lane. I've still a soft spot for that kind of 80-90s indulgence, and Battery Acid, though very different, is as close as I can get to tapping into that era right now.

Finally, Battery Acid is a direct reference to coffee. I was close to caffeine addiction while this making one, gulping down far too much coffee in the process - I've since been on decaf!



released February 16, 2015

Andrew Danso, guitars, bass, electronics



all rights reserved


Andrew Danso Northern Ireland, UK

I've been active from around 2007. Made my first demo then, worked with netlabel ShredGuy Records, made a prog rock record with Tera and have been putting together my own material since. Cheers for stopping by!

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